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API 16D LICENSE: 16D-0043

Accumulators - Open And Close Equipment

Open And Close Equipment's Accumulator Units meet design specifications specified in API 16D. Each control system is expertly engineered, assuring reliable control of the BOP stack with adequate reserve for continuous operation under emergency conditions.

BOP closing units also known as Accumulator Units range in a variety of sizes. These units come standard with air/electric over hydraulic design but can also be delivered as a diesel driven setup.

Here are some standard designs which can be customized to meet your needs.

Accumulator with Pneumatic Control Panel

3 Station 6 Bottle Accumulator With Electric Motor

4 Station 10 Bottles with Electric Engine, Starter & Alarm System

5 station 10 bottles with Diesel Engine Accumulator Unit

6 Station 20 Bottles Hydraulic over Pneumatic System Accumulator Unit

6 Station 16 Bottles with Diesel Engine & Auto Starter Accumulator Bottlers

6 Station 24 Bottles Accumulator Unit with Alarm System

8 station 20 bottles with Electric Motor Accumulator Unit

9 Station 24 bottles with Electric Engine & Alarm System Accumulator Unit

12 Station 20 Bottles with Electric Motor Accumulator Unit

Accumulator with Remote PLC System

6 Station 24 Bottle Accumulator With Allen Bradley PLC

8 Station 24 Bottle Accumulator With Siemens PLC

9 Station 36 Bottle Accumulator With 2 Electric Engines And Siemens PLC

10 Station Bottle Rack Accumulator Unit With PLC And Diverter

40 Bottles Rack 15 Gallon 5000 psi.

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